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Welcome to Come Riding at Brönne Islandshästar!
Come and ride a tolting Icelandic horse!
We offer trail-rides in beautiful woods and open country-side, on narrow paths and trails-from March to December.
The rides take place in the scenic area around Hovdala Castle and Lake Finja, just  south of Hässleholm.
-Our horses are keen, happy, well-trained and have a nice tolt.
We give you information about the ride before starting and we coach the riders during the ride.
The rides take us through bright beech woods, beautiful fir tree woods, along a stream and a lake, on country  roads and paths in hilly country, with lovely views.
The horses are all well suited for trail-riding, but they have different characters.This means each rider will find the right horse, also considering his/ her past experience.
Even though most riders are adults, children are most welcome, too.
There is no specific age limit, we'll discuss it when you book. 
Mostly we do 2-3-hour rides, including a snack. 
Prices for the 2016 season :
1.5  hours:  We ride for an  hour, about 5-6  km ( 4  miles), no snack   :              400  kr
2,5  hours:  We ride for two  hours, about 10 km ( 7.5 miles), snack  included :  550  kr
3.5  hours:  We ride for three hours, about 15 km ( 10  miles), snack included  : 700  kr
Payment:  Either cash at the stables or by sending it to the bank account  BG 5714-6086
Please add the time and date on the slip. Please bring your receipt ( if you pay close to  the ride)
phone  0046 707 3808 79